• Enchanting woodland adventures where imagination soars

    ‘Found it really useful and although we don’t have fantastic forest school settings I was given ideas to adapt – which I will definitely try out. Fantastic leader and specialist.’

    Karen Yorke, Kellington Primary School​

  • Strengthening Mathematical Reasoning in Primary Classrooms

    ‘The Reasoning training that Helen Davids provided was just what we needed. It was full of practical ideas that could be used straight away in the classroom. Clear, effective strategies to develop reasoning (and what it looks like in the classroom) helped all staff understand its importance in developing pupils’ learning. There was something for all age groups, demonstrated in an engaging manner. It linked with the most recent initiatives and was presented by someone who obviously practises what she preaches in her own class. Her enthusiasm for maths is really inspiring – all the staff were buzzing with ideas afterwards.’

    Paul Laycock, Deputy Head at Wigginton Primary

  • Recently Qualified Teacher Programme: Session 1 – Challenging Conversations

    ‘It was really helpful to talk about personal situations and discuss effective ways of having the conversation that we all dread.’

    Charlotte Hodgson, Naburn Primary School

  • Diving for Depth in Mathematics

    ‘The course was very thorough and gave lots of opportunities to discuss ideas and try out the strategies introduced. I can really see how these structures will help the children in my class learn and help me teach. It put some of the more complex changes to the new curriculum into context which was also useful.’

  • Diving for Depth in Mathematics

    ‘Helen was very informative. She shared some outstanding practice and definitely made me leave thinking about how to improve my classroom practice and implement some new strategies for teaching reasoning.’

  • Enchanting woodland adventures where imagination soars

    ‘Fantastic ideas that are inexpensive and simple to do that the kids would love.’

    Lindsey Webster, South Milford Community Primary

  • Getting the most out of Chromebooks and exploring pupil-led learning

    ‘It was the perfect mix of learning new ideas coupled with time to ‘play’ about with these ideas. Clint was fantastic and made time available to discuss any of your queries. A great day which will have impact.’

  • Starting off with Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education

    ‘Mr Lees was as ever, brilliant to listen to and learn from. This vital training on Chromebooks really gets you excited about using them and seeing the children work with them. An excellent day!’

  • Recently Qualified Teacher Programme: Session 1 – Challenging Conversations

    ‘Invaluable to receive insight from a specialist on a topic which can often feel like the most challenging part of the profession.’

    Sara Dimmock, Brotherton & Byram Primary Academy.

  • Recently Qualified Teacher Programme: Session 1 – Challenging Conversations

    ‘I found this training extremely useful especially the step by step guide of how to carry out an effective conversation.’

    Stephanie Carrier, Staynor Hall Community Primary Academy

  • Enchanting woodland adventures where imagination soars

    ‘Excellent – loved all the ideas. Can’t wait to have a go. Think I’m more excited than the children will be!’